This information is provided to our valued customers. All Brand is a service company. We do not sell these products.  Models change frequently.  This is general information about brands, our experience based on their performance, and feedback we get from our clients.

For questions about specific models and features, please call the manufacturer of the product for complete information.

Gas ranges represent 80% of the market. All of these are spark ignition, meaning no pilots.

Some are basic without a waist high broiler and with no self clean. A porcelain liner is best with manual oven control.

Upscale models offer self clean, digital control pad and other features. Digital touch control boards have become most common, but are expensive to repair.

Sealed surface burners are on most ranges today. The name suggests that they are somehow sealed against spills, which is not the case. These types of burners are difficult to clean if spilled on and are expensive to repair. The small electrode that lights the gas is similar to a spark plug and can be fouled with food, grease or water very easily. Be careful.

Gas cook tops are made with the same technology and sealed burners.

Choose Whirlpool, Hotpoint, Electrolux, Kenmore.

Wall ovens have become popular when mounting in an island under a gas cook top. This way you can get gas surface cooking (preferred) and electric oven cooking (preferred). Ask a chef.  This is the main reason for a dual fuel unit.

Gas surface cooking can be regulated to a very low simmer which cannot be done with electric surface cooking. Also, the electric cooking surface elements continue to stay hot, even after the burner is shut off.

Electric oven cooking is more consistent and cooks more evenly because of double elements, cooking from the top and the bottom. Gas ovens bake only from the bottom.

Wall ovens are usually dependable, just be careful not to lean on the oven door hinges or break the glass.

Choose Whirlpool or Kenmore.

Down draft cooking, like Jenn Air, has been most disappointing. The smoke and cooking odor extraction by a fan that is next to the burner is ineffective. The appliance is tough to clean and never has been good for grilling inside, usually leaving lots of grease on floor or countertop. Leave the grilling for outside on the barbeque.

Convection ovens employ a fan in the back of the oven to circulate air. It makes for more even cooking and cooks about 15% faster, but it does tend to dry out foods. With the added cost of the convection feature it is usually not worth the expense. Most customers who bought it say that they would not recommend it.

Electric smooth top cooking surface is easy to clean, but remains hot after turning off and is difficult to slow simmer on. Glass breakage is also a problem if something heavy is placed on cook top or something is dropped on stove top.

Choose GE or Kenmore.

The self clean feature allows the oven to lock itself and raise temperature to 1000 degrees in order to burn off spills on the oven liner. After it has completed the cycle (usually about 4 hours), open the door and wipe out ash from bottom of oven with a paper towel. This works well, but excessive heat does cause premature failure of oven components.

My experience and Consumer Reports both indicate expensive ovens like GE Profile, Thermador, Dacor, Viking, LG and Bosch are not worth the cost. Performance in these units has been substandard and not worth the extra purchase price.

A) Best Buy  B) Good Equipment  C) Just Average
D) Below Average  E) Not Recommended 

Brand Type Manufacturer Our Rating & Comments
Amana All Amana (Whirlpool) B  Whirlpool Value Brand
Dacor All *Dacor B  Limited part availability / Expensive
Good Cooktops / Limited part distribution
Bosch All Bosch C  Over engineered / Limited part availability
DCS All *Dynamic N/R  Limited production / Many recalls / Limited part distribution
Dynasty All *Jade Range N/R  Limited production / Many recalls / Limited part distribution
Electrolux All Frig/Electrolux C  Same as Frigidaire
Frigidaire All Frig/Electrolux C  Builder quality
Frigidaire/Gallery All Frig/Electrolux D  Over rated / Over priced
Gaggeneau All *Gaggeneu N/R  Limited part availability
GE Gas Range Multiple A Best Buy  Best for the cost
GE Electric Range GE A  Best Buy GE’s best product / Very expensive parts
 GE Profile B  Same as GE / Up-price for boutique style
 GE Monogram C  Same as GE / Up-price for boutique style
 GE Cafe D  Same as GE / Up-price for boutique style
 Hotpoint Gas Range Multiple B  Same as GE / Good overall
 Hotpoint Electric Range GE A  Same as GE  Best Buy
 Jenn-Air Down draft Whirlpool E  Doesn’t meet expectations
 Kenmore  Gas Range Frig/Electrolux 80% C  Same as Frigidaire
Whirlpool 20% B  Same as Whirlpool

Don’t buy spark ignition models

 Kenmore Electric Range Electrolux B  Good overall  Best Buy
GE 20% A  Excellent  Best Buy
 Kitchenaid Gas Range Electrolux B  Good overall

Don’t buy spark ignition models

 Kitchenaid Electric Range Electrolux B  Same as Whirlpool / Good overall
 LG All LG Electronics E  Limited part availability
Maytag All Electrolux B   Good overall
Miele All *Miele B  Pricey / Limited part distribution
Roper No longer available
Thermador All *Thermador B  Limited part availability / Expensive
Viking All * B  Very expensive / Disappointing performance
Whirlpool Gas Range Electrolux B  Good overall

Don’t buy spark ignition models

Whirlpool Electric Range Electrolux B  Best Buy
Wolf Gourmet All *SubZero C  Many recalls / Very Expensive