Use 1 level teaspoon of soap in each cup

Powdered detergents are recommended for dishwashers and laundry by all manufacturers.

As of July, 2010, phosphates, the active ingredient in all soaps, have been eliminated.  The purpose for this change was environmental concerns about pollution to streams and rivers.

The comment to us has been that dishwashing and laundry soaps are not getting the job done.  We hear many complaints about dishes not coming clean or white chalky residue on everything.

In the laundry, an additive such as 20 Mule Team Borax or Oxy Clean will help boost performance.  Again, too much soap will hinder effectiveness.


Front-Load Washers

To eliminate odors, in front-load washers, use a cup of vinegar with your laundry.  It will not make your clothes smell like vinegar and will clean the inside of the machine.