This information is provided to our valued customers. All Brand is a service company. We do not sell these products.  Models change frequently.  This is general information about brands, our experience based on their performance, and feedback we get from our clients.

For questions about specific models and features, please call the manufacturer of the product for complete information.

General Tips:

Dishwasher performance has been significantly reduced due in part to the design of new machines that have smaller motors, energy efficient water levels in the tubs, and detergents that must be free of phosphates.

Machine prices range from $299.00 to $2,600.00.  Machines at the $500.00 to $600.00 price point are usually the best bang for the buck.  $1,500.00 machines will be in the landfill just as soon as the $500.00 ones.

The single largest source of dishwasher service calls comes from not scraping plates before loading.  Make sure to remove bones, napkins, popcorn kernels, shrimp tails, toothpicks and other foreign objects before placing dishes in the dishwasher.

Machine quality has also dropped off with most units today only offering about a 5-7 year lifespan.

Look for dishwashers with two wash arms, one under each basket. Spray arms at top of machine are worthless, since they rinse only the outside of items

Wash towers which eject from lower level spray arm are ineffective since placement of large items will obstruct water flow to upper rack. Avoid machines with wash towers that eject from the center. All newer dishwashers are tall tub designs, and utilize smaller motors. They are quieter, but jam easily because of lack of power. The wash cycle time is longer, some between 3 and 7 hours. Most machines offer more dish loading area. Servicing dishwasher problems may require removal of the dishwasher for repairs.

Powdered soap (such as Finish) is recommended for all dishwashers. Liquid or gel soaps create washability problems, leaving soap film on glasses and causing dishwasher door leaks and soap buildup (see picture below.)  Pillow pack soaps are not recommended by manufacturers because all the soap enters the tub at the same time.  (See section on detergents)

I wish I could say something positive about the quality of dishwashers.  The unfortunate fact is that they are becoming a disposable product, with poor performance, due to the manufacturers primary focus on Energy Star ratings.

Customer satisfaction is low on almost every product from low to high end pricing.  A few machines have managed to achieve an average rating, but nothing is truly exceptional.

A) Best Buy  B)  Good Equipment  C) Just Average  D)  Below Average  E) Not Recommended

Brand Type Manufacturer Our Rating & Comments
Amana Double Whirlpool E  Builder model / Stand tub
Ariston Ariston E  Poor quality overall
Asko Double Level *Asko E  Repair prone
Bosch Multi Level *Bosch D  Limited part availability / Expensive to service / Very expensive parts
Over engineered
Electrolux Double Level Frig/Electrolux E  Same as Frigidaire
Frigidaire Double Level Frig/Electrolux E  Most repair prone
Frig/Gallery Double Level Frig/Electrolux E  Same as Frigidaire
Gaggenau Double Level *Bosch D  Same as Bosch
GE Double Level GE/Haier E  Poor wash / Many repairs / Expensive parts / Short life
Haier  Haier E  No part distributors in the U.S.
Hotpoint Double Level GE/Haier E  Same as GE / Poor Wash / Very expensive parts / Short life
Kenmore Whirlpool C  New design / Good wash / Door cables break frequently / Avoid model with diverter valve
Kenmore 18″ Compact D & M E  Poor quality / No other choices available
Kitchenaid Whirlpool C  New design / Good wash / Door cables break frequently / Avoid model with diverter valve
LG E  Poor manufacturer support
Maytag Whirlpool C  Same as Whirlpool
Miele *Miele D  Limited part availability / Expensive / Over engineered but quiet.
Samsung E  Poor lifespan / Limited part availability
Thermador Double Level *Bosch D  Same as Bosch
Viking Double Level *Asko  Same as Asko / Repair prone
Whirlpool Whirlpool C  New design / Door cables break / Avoid model with diverter valve

NOTE: This brand subject to control board failure & possible fires.