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I recommend a 29" dryer with the lint screen on top.



This information is provided to our valued customers. All Brand is a service company. We do not sell these products.  Models change frequently.  This is general information about brands, our experience based on their performance, and feedback we get from our clients. 

For questions about specific models and features, please call the manufacturer of the product for complete information.


General Tips:

Dryers with gas for a heat source represent 98% of equipment in the area. Gas dryers usually are more effective in drying clothes than electric dryers.

Machines with the blower motor in back and lint screen pull out on top work the best. These have better air flow, less lint buildup and fewer fires. This is the proven design over last 50 years. They are typically 29 wide. Dryers with the blower motor in the back are better suited for installations with long vent runs. I recommend this type.

Choose Whirlpool, Kenmore, Roper, Amana and Estate.

Machines with motor up front and lint screen inside door are prone to more service problems and more fires. They are short lived and are usually 27 wide. These usually made by GE, Kenmore, Whirlpool, Kenmore and Kitchen Aid.

Machines by LG, Samsung and GE are not recommended because of cost and availability of parts.

Dryers are available with doors that swing right or left or open downward (called hamper style). I have found hamper style to be most convenient when loading and unloading.


29" Machine on the left
with lint screen on top

27" Machine on right
with lint screen in door

       A) Best Buy  B)  Good Equipment  C)  Just Average  D) Below Average  E) Not Recommended

Brand Type Manufacturer Our Rating & Comments
Amana 29"Machine Whirlpool

A  Best Buy, very dependable, lint screen on top

Asko *Asko N/R  Limited part avail.
Bosch *Bosch  N/R  Limited part avail, very expensive parts
Electrolux Frig/Electrolux C  Same as Frigidaire
Fisher/Paykel *Fisher/Paykel  N/R  Limited part availability, Service issues


Frig/Electrolux C  Basic
GE GE E  Frequent repairs, poor quality, very expensive parts
GE Stack unit
Haier Haier/China E  No part availability
Hotpoint GE

E  Same as GE, Frequent repairs, short life, very 

    expensive parts

Inglis 29" Machine Whirlpool/Canada A  Same as Whirlpool
   Kenmore 29" Machine Whirlpool A  Best Buy, dependable, lint screen on top
Kenmore/Oasis 27" Machine Whirlpool E  Not recommended
Kenmore 27" Machine Whirlpool E  Safety issues, Not recommended
Kenmore Steam Dryer     Not proven
Kenmore Eurostyle HE3 *Whirlpool E   Service issues
Kenmore Stack unit LG E  Parts availability issues.  Avoid this product.
Kirkland 29" Machine Whirlpool A  Same as Whirlpool, lint screen on top
Kitchenaid 27" Machine Whirlpool E  Safety issues, Not recommended
LG *LG Electronics E  No part availability, Poor warranty support
LG Steam Dryer     Not proven/No part availability
Maytag 29" Machine Whirlpool A  Good overall, Same as Whirlpool as of Jan, 2007
Maytag Steam Dryer     Not proven
Maytag/Bravos 27" Machine Whirlpool E  Not recommended
Miele *Miele  N/R  Limited part availability

No longer available

Samsung Stack Samsung D  Not recommended
Samsung Steam Dryer Samsung D  Not recommended
Speed Queen Speed Queen C  Some noise issues
Whirlpool 29" Machine Whirlpool

A  Best Buy  Lint screen on top, well built, very 


Whirlpool/Cabrio 27" Machine Whirlpool E  Not recommended
Whirlpool 27" Machine Whirlpool E  Safety issues, Not recommended
Whirlpool Steam Dryer     Not proven


Clean lint screen before every use.

Lint build up is the primary cause of dryer fires.