Our clients often ask for our recommendations for products to purchase.

All of the information listed is the professional opinion of All Brand Service.  Your result with a particular brand or model may vary from our report.

Forty years of experience and customer feedback has made this information very accurate.  This type of information is not available from store salespeople.

Keep in mind that we do not sell these products.  Models change frequently.  This is general information about brands, our experience based on their performance, and feedback we get from our clients.

For questions about specific models and features, please call the manufacturer of the product for complete information.

If you’ve used this page before, please refresh it as information changes regularly.


How To Use The Charts

Brand names are listed, followed by type, manufacturer, and rating/comments.

The last column lists a rating using the following the following scale, and some brief comments.

A)  Best Buy

B)  Good Equipment

C)  Just Average

D)  Below Average

E)  Not recommended

N/R  Not rated due to new product or insufficient information available at the present time

*      Products made out of the country or in limited distribution, affecting part availability

Rating is based on a compilation of the following:

  • Product performance (customer satisfaction)
  • Repair history
  • Part availability
  • Purchase price-