This information is provided to our valued customers. All Brand is a service company. We do not sell these products.  Models change frequently.  This is general information about brands, our experience based on their performance, and feedback we get from our clients.

For questions about specific models and features, please call the manufacturer of the product for complete information.

Refrigerator technology has changed a great deal in the last 10 years. While new refrigerators have become more energy efficient, they also have become more expensive and are experiencing a shorter life span (usually about 8-10 years).

Solid state circuitry and micro processing control boards achieve accurate temperatures and savings with smaller compressors, but added components have made a durable appliance a temperamental, undependable and aggravating product.

Top freezer refrigerators offer the most space and dependability for the money.

Choose Whirlpool, KitchenAid and Maytag.

Bottom freezer refrigerators have gotten popular again. French doors on top will add approximately $1000 to cost without any real benefits. If the ice maker is located in the refrigerator section, it will take up valuable space.

Amana may be your best choice here.

Side by side refrigerators are not recommended unless you have a door space problem in front of an island. They offer the least amount of usable space for the money. Water and ice dispensers through the door are the cause for many service calls and floods.

If you must go this route, choose Whirlpool or KitchenAid.

Avoid vertical ice makers or bins in doors with optical sensors, or ice makers located in the door.

Water filters are a waste of money unless you are on your own well for water supply.

A) Best Buy  B) Good Equipment  C) Just Average
D) Below Average  E) Not Recommended 

Brand Type Manufacturer Our Rating & Comments
Amana All Amana(Whirlpool) B  Good overall / Division of Whirlpool
Amana Bottom Freezer/Swing  Door Amana(Whirlpool) Same as Whirlpool
Amana Cafe Door

Bottom Freezer

Amana D  Not recommended / Many service issues
Electrolux Frig/Electrolux D  Same as Frigidaire
Frigidaire Frig/Electrolux D  Poor repair history
Frigidaire Gallery Series Frig/Electrolux E  Over rated / Same as Frigidaire
Frigidaire French Door

Bottom Freezer

Frig/Electrolux D  Not recommended
GE All GE/Haier E  The worst / Very expensive parts / Repair prone
GE Profile/Monogram *GE/Haier E  Over rated / Over priced / Disappointing / Very expensive parts / Worst of the worst
GE French Door

Bottom Freezer

LG E  Not recommended
Haier No part distributors in the U.S. Made in China
Kenmore Side by side Whirlpool   10% B  Same as Whirlpool / Good overall
Kenmore Side by side LG    50% E  Poor warranty support / Made in S Korea
Kenmore Side by side Frig/Electrolux  20% D  Same as Frigidaire
Kenmore Side by side Amana  20% B  Same as Whirlpool
Kenmore Top Freezer Whirlpool  20% B  Same as Whirlpool / Good overall
Kenmore Top Freezer LG  40% E  Poor warranty support / Made in S. Korea
Kenmore Top Freezer Electrolux  15% E  Same as Frigidaire
Kenmore Top Freezer Amana  25% B  Same as Amana
Kenmore Bottom Freezer/French Door Amana  50% D  Same as Amana
Kenmore Bottom Freezer/French Door LG  50%  Poor warranty support / Made in S. Korea
Kitchenaid All Whirlpool B  Same as Whirlpool/Good overall
Kitchenaid French Door

Bottom Freezer

Whirlpool D  Not recommended / Many service issues
LG Cafe or Bottom Freezer *LG Electronics E  No part availability / Poor warranty support
Marvel Bar Refrigerator Marvel Ind A  Good quality
Maytag All Whirlpool  Same as Amana / Division of Whirlpool
Maytag French Door Bottom Freezer Whirlpool D  Not recommended / Many service issues
Samsung *Samsung E  No part availability / Service issues
SubZero SubZero E  No part availability
Thermador Bosch N/R  Pricey / Limited part availability
U-Line Bar Refrigerator U-Line A  Pricey / Excellent quality
Viking Whirlpool C  Over engineered / Pricey
Whirlpool All Whirlpool B  Average dependability
Whirlpool French Door Bottom Freezer Whirlpool D  Not recommended / Many service issues