All Brand Service was very professional.  They were courteous and knowledgeable both over the phone and in person.  Thank you for the great service. We will definitely use All Brand Service from now on in the future.

R.D. Oswego


I am so thankful for the outstanding service I received from All Brand. The clothes did not dry in the dryer. The very special knowledgeable lady who answered the telephone could tell me the problem was not with the igniter or the motor which I thought might be the problem.  Dave is so professional as he has lots of experience and knowledge on how to repair the dryer.  He knows exactly how to fix it so it runs like new.  Dave explained what to do so it will keep working great.  100% excellent service.

Nancy K.


Thank you for all the great service you have provided me over the last 15 years. I especially want to thank you for your recent visit when you showed me how to light my pilot light on my furnace. You really went above and beyond, and I really appreciate it. I wrote on Angie’s List that I only wished you fixed cars.

Your loyal customer,
Nancy W.


Not only did Dave repair my appliances – he gave me tips on how to achieve maximum performance and ease of maintenance. He is honest and professional.  We will now use All Brand for all our annual heating checks instead of our previous service.

Cleo K.


We have been loyal customers for 17 years. The service is excellent and prompt.  I really appreciate the fact that Dave always takes a few minutes to explain how the appliances function and how to take care of them so they will last.  I highly recommend All Brand for their quality of service, dependability, and honesty.

Lauren H.


We have used All Brand Service for nearly 30 years.  Their service has been fast, courteous and always correct.  No work has ever needed to be redone.  Dave’s knowledge of various appliances is impressive and so are his recommendations when it’s time to replace an old appliance.  His recommendations are top notch and neither directs you to the top of the line model or any particular dealer, which allows you the opportunity to make a best choice unbiased selection. I would highly recommend All Brand Service to anyone seeking a company for home appliance repairs.

John F.


Dave, you have been my “go-to” guy for fixing things around here for close to 20 years.  I have recommended you to many friends and will continue to do so in the future.

Maxine R.


I have been using All Brand for 15 years.  I know when I call I will get great service.  Dave is always so thorough, and I appreciate how he takes the time to explain what the problem is and how he plans to solve it.  I can’t imagine ever calling anyone else, so please don’t retire!

Nancy W.


We have used Dave for over 30 years. He services our A/C, furnace, kitchen appliances (microwave, refrigerator, oven, dishwasher, disposal) and washer and dryer.  We give him a TEN and highly recommend him.

Gene & Priscilla D.


Dave is absolutely the best!  He has been coming to our house to service our air, furnace and all appliances since 1982 when we moved here.  He is timely and above all can diagnosis and/or fix all.  We would never call anyone else before checking with Dave and getting a recommendation from him.  He has guided us on whether we should repair or buy new.  If it is buying new he has guided in the best direction of which to buy.  Thank you Dave for all these years of support and service.

Pam and Steve M.


I have lived in Naperville for 27 years, and had the good fortune to find All Brand and Dave very soon after we moved. He has serviced all of my major appliances and I have great faith in his abilities.

Lois M.


We’ve used All Brand for over 10 years.  During that time, Dave’s service has been impeccable.  I have so much trust in Dave’s work and his advice. Just recently, he fixed a problem that a plumber and a general contractor couldn’t.  Don’t call anybody else.

Sung P.


After a frustrating experience with a Sears call center and absent technician, I found All Brand on the web and picked up the phone to find someone to help me with my refrigerator.  After speaking with a very nice woman (who was actually at All Brand instead of a call center), I learned that my refrigerator was just a little off in temperature readings and that she could not send out a technician and charge me for something that was not broken.  I was so amazed that she spent time on the phone asking me these questions so that she didn’t waste a technician’s time, my time, or my money for something that didn’t need to be fixed.  Most people would have just sent someone out, charged me at least $75 bucks and told me that something larger was broken and charge me even more!  I am so thankful for her time and honesty that I am putting All Brand on the top of my list of places to call when I need a repair in the future!!! Thank you All Brand – I just wish I would have called you first!

Ellen C.


As a single woman living in a family house that is over 30 years old,  I never hesitate to call Dave because I know he is always honest and trustworthy.  We have done business with All Brand Service for over 15 years.



All Brand Service has always been very prompt to service our appliances when we call.  They are very knowable on all types of appliances. They are extremely honest and reasonable on repairs.  It has always been my experience that if the repair is not cost effective, they will recommend buying a new appliance. Dave has been very helpful and knowable in recommending brands when we have had to buy a new appliance. I always recommend All Brand Service to all my friends.

Fran K.

Prior to the recommendation of All Brand Service and the installation of an ultraviolet light in the plenum of my furnace a couple of years ago, I would be plagued with several winter colds. Since the UV light installation and cleaning of the ducts, I have not had one cold. I also sit on the board of a Florida condominium association where mold is a constant problem. Because of my experience here in Illinois, the Florida resort has installed UV lights in all 54 units.


I bought my house in Naperville in 1987 and had tried numerous local companies to fix my furnace, air conditioner and some other appliances. I was never truly satisfied with the work nor did I feel I “got my money’s worth.”  I have been using All Brand Service for a few years now and I could not be happier. Dave is so knowledgeable and informative and actually spends time explaining the issues. Appointments are flexible and I am always notified prior to arrival, or if there is a delay. I am so satisfied with the service I receive from All Brand and I highly recommend them as your service company.

Marianne D.

Over the last 15 years, All Brand has made numerous service and maintenance calls for us.  Because they sell no appliances, you can be sure their efforts are focused on keeping your equipment running for its full life. Just this week, because of having elderly grandparents visiting, we made an emergency call to another company for help on the air conditioner.  After paying the emergency fee of $99.00, we were given a quote of $294.00 plus any repair costs and no guarantee.  By morning, seeing things more clearly, we called All Brand who assured us there was no leak and got us up and running for $115.00.  Don’t call anyone else.


I have used All Brand Service ever since I moved to Naperville four years ago.   My daughter recommended them to me and I have been completely satisfied in everything they have done. They do excellent work. I highly recommend them.

Marion P.

All Brand Service is the first place I call with an appliance problem.  Service is always timely and done well! If they can’t help me I often get a referral for a source to do the repair. We have called All Brand Service for 20 years – that says it all!


I would highly recommend Dave at All Brand Service.  I have used them for more than fifteen years because I appreciate their expertise and honesty.

Joanne S.

I have been calling All Brand for the 10 years I have lived in my home in Naperville and have referred them to many of my neighbors.  Not only are they prompt in their service, they  solve the problem.  They are very professional and make sure they leave the area the way they found it.  They explain everything  (in layman’s terms).  At one point my refrigerator was not working and the technician even got on the phone to the manufacturer regarding the problem.  I would recommend All Brand without reservation.

Mary A.

Over the years you serviced/repaired our refrigerator, stove, microwave, dishwasher, garbage disposal and some others I can’t recall.  Your work, cost and efficiency is outstanding.  On rare occasions I tried other service people (I don’t know why) but keep coming back to you.

Keep up the good work.  I find your “Service News” a great source of information.  Keep them coming.

Art F.

I have been using All Brand Service since we first moved into this area 15 years ago.  At that time I had a Sears appliance.  Whenever Sears came out for service, they would have to reschedule another appointment because they never had the part with them.  Dave could fix my Sears appliance and all my other appliances.  He is knowledgeable, dependable and trustworthy.  He does not do repairs that are not necessary.  When I bought a new stove, washer and dryer, he took the time to steer me towards the best brands for my money.

I have referred quite a few people to All Brand Service.  They are all satisfied customers and have thanked me for the referral.

Cheers to you, All Brand Service!

Kay S.

We have relied on Dave for over a decade.  He’s come to our aid for every piece of equipment in our home from the microwave, oven, washer, dryer, hot water heater, to the furnace and air conditioner.  He takes care of all of our repairs as well as general maintenance of the furnace and air conditioner.

In short, I wouldn’t trust anyone but Dave…

Thanks, Dave!!

Cathy G.

We started to use All Brand Service when we moved into our house in Brookdale subdivision in October of 1985. Throughout all the years we have used All Brand for all of our service needs.  Refrigerators, range, air filters, humidifier, furnace, etc are just some of the appliances that All Brand has maintained for us.

We have also found them to be extremely helpful in recommending other qualified people to work on equipment that they did not service.  In addition,  All Brand has recommended appliances to buy based on their experience.

Needless to say, we are still using All Brand because of our satisfaction with their quality service.  We have recommended them to many of our friends and neighbors.

Mike K.

We have used All Brand exclusively to repair all of our appliances for 15 years. I am happy to give Dave my highest recommendation.

Our washer at one time was leaking from the seal at the center post of the tub.  Dave warned that it was an iffy repair and a relatively expensive one, but we might get another year or two out of it. I authorized the repair.  That was over eight years ago!  How many of you have a 20 year old washer and dryer that continue to give good service?

I was very happy when Dave added furnace and air conditioning repairs to his services. We had had bad luck (or just plain bad service) from everyone we had tried. Dave kept our existing furnace and A/C working well until they were 25 years old, making sure they were safe and getting the most lifetime from the existing units.

In addition to quality, lasting repairs at competitive prices, Dave has also told us when it was time to retire and existing unit, recommended reliable and easy-to-repair units for purchase, and even recommended appliance dealers.

Don’t just put Dave’s magnet on your refrigerator, GLUE IT THERE! You don’t need any other phone number for the best service and advice you can get on all your appliances.

Rich W.

Dependable, responsive and trustworthy – these are some of the qualities we’ve found in the services provided by Dave and his staff at All Brand over the past 11 years. Thank you for the most informative newsletter too!

We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend your services to anyone.  Keep up the great job!

Paul & Pam

Over the last 15 years you’ve helped us with the installation of our gas range, and periodic maintenance and repairs on virtually all our appliances including our furnace, humidifier, dryer and refrigerator.  Your service is always prompt, friendly and done with complete satisfaction.

Thanks for all your excellent service.  We are a loyal customer!

Chuck and Sandy R.

We trust the service and advice we get from Dave.  We love the newsletter!


Thank you for your excellent service and responsiveness over the past 20 years.  You have always done everything possible to lessen the inconvenience of those unforeseen “breakdowns”, getting us up and going in the shortest time possible.

I will continue to recommend your service to any of my friends. Continued success.

John S.